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What we do

The haulage companies UK and indeed throughout the world are extremely fragmented.  The result of this has been to commoditise freight forwarding and create an extremely competitive yet diverse range of options for the users of haulage services.

The complexity of the needs of clients of these services does not easily fit with the varying strengths of the providers and therefore makes the choice of which logistics management company to use very difficult.  In choosing just one provider elements of the service may ultimately suffer but will be put up with for the sake of cost and the upheaval that choosing a new supplier will create (better the devil you know!).

The ability to marry the diverse requirements of the customer with the relative strengths of the various providers is one of the key skills of a logistics management company.

An in depth audit of a clients freight and distribution requirements linked to the strategic aims for their organisation will lead to a robust system of freight forwarding, such as that provided by Bridgeway, that covers all aspects of the company’s delivery solutions.

Bridgeway’s logistics Management system for organising and effecting the movement of freight and the provision of haulage is unique.  During the last 20 years Bridgeway have perfected this system for coordinating over 2000 of the haulage companies UK to meet the needs of its customers.

What makes us different?

The Bridgeway freight forwarding system has been developed by working closely with its customers and listening to their needs and demands.  Some of the key areas that our customers are focused on are;

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Sustainability
  • Capacity
  • Accuracy
  • Spread
  • Value

Focusing on these important areas Bridgeway have solved a varied number of issues related to these key areas some of which are outlined below.

Reasons for change

Desperate customer service departments that are spending more time chasing the delivery than getting the next order.

Unproductive sales reps out in the field, who are spending more time apologising for the last delivery because it was late or damaged than building the relationship to new levels.

Frustrated production planners having to expedite repeat orders to replace product damaged in the delivery process.

De-motivated customer service staff that deal with regular abuse from buyers because they are unable to give that buyer a clear answer to the simple question “where is my order?”

Anxious field reps who avoid selling into certain areas due to the poor service levels experienced in the delivery of orders to that area.

Angry production directors who move heaven and earth to make superb product in a timely manner, that repeatedly arrives in a poor condition (if at all).

Concerned MD’s who spend more time in management meetings acting as broker between Sales, Production, Finance and Distribution departments arguing about logistical issues.

Frustrated finance departments dealing with the myriad of stealth surcharges imposed by the various freight and distribution companies.

Desperate transport and logistics departments searching for that extra vehicle to cope with the increased demand or deciding which customer will have to suffer the consequences.

Angry marketing directors who tell a great story of the quality of their company’s product only to find that the company’s reputation for quality has been totally destroyed because the delivery didn’t equate to quality of the product.

Frustrated sales reps whose bonuses are affected because the deliveries are late and future sales are reduced, ultimately leading to apathy and resignation.

What now?

If any of these resonate with you then just pick up the phone and call us now on 0845 230 1600, email us on logistics@bridgewayfreighting.co.uk , fax us on 0845 230 4618 or complete the form in the contact us page.

Effective solutions to freight management and haulage – Bridgeway Freighting taking the fright out of freight.